Fairwood Village is a 19-home village near, near the Port Ludlow golf course. Our two street names are: Par 4 Court and Dogleg Lane. A steep hillside separates the two streets, and the Fairwood Village residents make a concerted effort to keep in touch with holiday parties and cul-de-sac gatherings. 

Residents are actively involved with SBCA as ARC liaisons, members of the Communications Committee, as well as members of the Activities and Amenities Committee. We also have Emergency Block Captains for each street to help assist should emergencies occur. 

We have beautiful birch and evergreens in our village, and shrubbery and flowers galore that decorate the manicured lawns. Some homes have peek-a-boo water views, while others see the golf course, and enjoy the Olympic Mountains and sunsets over the tree-filled vistas. 

Fairwood Village is a great place to live!